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Dip With Us!

We want to hang out with you! Come join us for our monthly ocean dip or immerse yourself in a creative embodiment retreat. Our community is here to encourage you to step just a little bit out of your comfort zone!

Moon Dips!

Every month we go for a dip on the full moon. Come rain or snow, high tide, low tide, warm days, weekdays or weekends, we gather as a community to bear witness to self, others, and the cyclical rhythms of the earth and her seasons. These dips are a way to meet and celebrate ourselves just as we are in the moment- powerful, wonderful, and wild! They connect us to our bodies, attune us to nature, bring us into community, and spread a whole lotta joy in the process! Come join us for a swim, meet a community of like-minded folk, and laugh a ton. We can’t wait to see you there!

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Retreat with Us!

This community is filled with so many amazing folks. As it grows and we grow alongside it, we want to bring in more offerings to connect deeper. To this end we’ve designed day-long retreats with all our favorite things, in one place, with more time and space. These retreats will be a way to slow down, create connections, and build vibrancy. In this format, we’ll explore the intersections of creativity and embodiment. Holding space for the whole day will give our nervous system the rest and reset it needs. 

September's Retreat is full - thank you! We'll keep you posted on the next one, but in the meantime send us a note and we'll get you on the waitlist/priority list!


Celebrate with Us!

International Women's Day (IWD) is a global day in March celebrating the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women. The day also marks a call to action to create a diverse, equitable, and inclusive world. Groups come together worldwide to celebrate women's achievements, raise awareness against bias, and take action for women's equality!


We choose to celebrate International Women's Day with an invitation to our community to dip in the ocean! Each year the celebration grows and we're excited for 2023! Sign up for our emails so you'll be the first to know our plans!

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Coldwater Curious?

Have you seen folks floating around in the ocean in the middle of winter and been a little curious? Have you seen the Two Maine Mermaids monthly full moon dips and been interested but a little hesitant to hop in? Do you like to get all the info before trying out a new thing? If yes, then these guided dips are just for YOU!


After hosting full moon dips for almost a year we've found that some folks want a little more guidance or info before they hop in the coldwater. We would be excited to guide you through your first coldwater dip. We are available for individual dips or for a small group of beginner dippers! Send us a note if you'd like to schedule a Guided Dip and kick start your coldwater practice!

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Sometimes these two mermaids get a little extra and we'll pair a dip with one of our favorite activities like: making flower crowns, coffee tasting, meditating, painting, writing, leading boot camps on the beach, or manifesting! It's always a blast and we hope you'll join us sometime. Sign up for our occasional emails to stay in the loop!

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