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We're working on a super fun Beginner's Guide to Coldwater Dipping, but in the meantime, here are a few of our top dip tips!

  • Enter the water slowly. Avoid shocking that precious nervous system of yours by walking in gradually. This allows your body to fully engage with the embodied experience.

  • Gear Up. Think about what you’ll wear before, during, and after the dip. Use warm, water wicking material that is easy to put on. Neoprene booties (affiliate link) and mittens for when you are in the water, a good changing robe or bathrobe to get that wet swimsuit off after, and a warm hat are some of our favorite staples. See our Dip Kit page to see our favorite gear.


  • Prepare your entry and your exit. It’s important to be able to get warm and dry as efficiently as possible. Know what gear you’ll be changing into and make sure it’s laid out for easy access when you exit the water. Have a bag or bucket that fits the towel, booties (affiliate links), suit etc, and is easy to carry to and from the car. Know where your car keys are and make sure they are easy to grab with mittened hands.

  • Bring a warm beverage! Or two! Part of the fascinating biological experience of cold water is that thermoreceptors in your skin cue your blood supply to head towards your vital organs. The physical sensation of this might be a blossoming warmth in your core. Upon exiting the water this process reverses, and some shivering will kick in. To help get that core warm again, get that hot bevy into your belly ASAP, after getting dry and layered up.

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