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Two Maine Mermaids in the Press

Mermaids have always known how to make a splash! We're proud to have this community featured in the following podcasts & publications!

Guides Gone Wild Podcast Episode 049

The New York Times: The World Through a Lens "Cold-Plunging with Maine's 'Ice Mermaids'" by Greta Rybus

Outside/In Podcast: "13 Tips on how to "surthrive" this winter"

Guides Gone Wild: Stoke Short! Double Dip Your Way through the Darkest Day with Two Maine Mermaids

Outside/In Podcast: Cold t*ts, warm hearts: the cold water dippers of Maine

WBUR's Here and Now airs the Outside/In episode!

We love sharing our personal coldwater journeys and the formation of this joyful community. Please connect with us if you'd like to collaborate!

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