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REGISTRATION is OPEN for our September 14th Water Women Retreat!

Welcome to the
coldwater community


We are two water-loving women based in Maine who host a variety of creative embodiment and coldwater dipping events with the goals of:

+spreading joy

+creating community and

+connecting with the elements



Every month, since March of 2021, we invite folks out for a dip in the ocean on the full moon. Come rain or snow, high tide, low tide, warm days, weekdays or weekends, we gather as a community to bear witness to self, others, and the cyclical rhythms of the earth and her seasons.  

We enjoy celebrating ALL things with dips in the ocean. One of our favorite celebrations is our annual International Women's Day Ocean Dip, typically the first week of March!

After hosting full moon dips for over a year we've found that some folks want a little more guidance or info before they hop in the coldwater. We are excited to guide you through your first coldwater dip. We are available for individual dips, small group of beginner dippers, or for your corporate team!


One of our favorite things about this community is that we are encouraged to follow our intuition and expand our offerings occasionally. This includes Movement Mornings, New Moon Dip-Ventures, and figuring out MERCH!

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