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Couch to Coldwater
4 Week Swim Series

Hey! Are you Cold Water Curious!?

Coldwater swimming is everywhere these days! And springtime is the BEST time to begin. The water is cold but the air is warming. You’ve been hearing everyone rave about cold water swimming, have been waiting for your moment to find out what the craze is all about, try coldwater swimming before the season ends, and experience all the benefits of this practice, so let's go! Join in for the Couch to Coldwater Series- Spring Edition!



Team up with some friends, or just bring yourself to meet some new neighbors, and take on the 4 week Couch-to-Coldwater Series.

The Couch to Coldwater Series will provide a step by step process into the cold water, taking things nice and slow. Zero pressure to even enter the water the first time! As you might have heard on the the last podcast we were on, Kelsy took a very long time in her progression to get in cold water, on the first try she only got to her toes! We totally understand how intimidating it can be to start getting in the ocean. So in honor of a slow process, and of going nice and easy into hard things, let’s do this together! This series will be the jumpstart you need to kick off this amazing coldwater practice, and by the end you’ll have the experience, confidence, and a great crew of folks to continue with!

Kelsy and Caitlin of Two Maine Mermaids have been facilitating opportunities to dip since 2021, will be your guides for this series, and have been making headlines along the way! Check them out in the New York Times, Channel 6, and Portland Press Herald. Your trusty guides will lead you through your own unique practice in this 4 week series.


Here’s how C2C works:

This series is 4 dips, once a week, for the month of April. Each time we'll venture a little deeper into the water, the practice, and the embodiment that comes with it all. Join at any time (sliding scale of $50-$200 for the whole month - feel free to pay one time through Eventbrite or spread it out over all 4 weeks!) and invite an accountabili-buddy or two! We will be hosting 2 different opportunities each week (click here for Wednesdays 6:30 AM Sunrise option) to dip all together. Teamwork makes the dreamwork!

Week One: Toes

Introduction to the process, exploring breath, activation of our nervous systems, the concept of the window of tolerance, and titration.

Week Two: Ankles

Exploring skin, the vascular system, pain receptors, and consciously deciding to have a conversation with the nervous system.

Week three: Knees

Full dialogue with our own process! We’ve practiced the ins and outs, and now things are real. We have logistics down, are feeling confident, and we are getting to know our unique body responses to cold.

Week four: All in!

Celebrate with a slow walk in - you are doing it! You are a coldwater swimmer! These past four weeks you’ve engaged with your body in a new way, shown up for hard things, and are confident in your own processes!

Couch to Coldwater MIGHT be back early 2024 to prep for International Women's Day!! For now, the best way to join us for additional instruction is to join us for a retreat which includes a Guided Dip!

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