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Couch to Coldwater
4 Week Swim Series

Hey! Are you Cold Water Curious!?

Coldwater swimming is everywhere these days! You’ve been hearing everyone rave about cold water swimming, have been waiting for your moment to find out what the craze is all about, and experience all the benefits of this practice, so let's go! Join in for the Couch to Coldwater Series! THIS IS YOUR OFFICIAL CALL TO ACTION, BABY!

Team up with some friends, or just bring yourself to meet some new neighbors, and take on the 4 week Couch to Coldwater Series.

The Couch to Coldwater Series is a 4-week program designed to introduce participants to the practice of cold water swimming in a gradual and supportive manner. Led by Caitlin Hopkins (aka Flow) of Two Maine Mermaids, the series aims to help individuals experience the benefits of cold water swimming while building confidence and a sense of community. The program includes a weekly cold water dip over the course of 4 weeks, with each session focusing on gradually acclimating to the cold water and understanding the physiological and psychological aspects of the practice.


Key Details:

  • Dip Guide:Caitlin (aka Flow) of Two Maine Mermaids

  • Duration: 4 weeks

  • Frequency: One cold water dip per week

  • Dip Times: Brunch Break (11:00am) on Mondays, Early Bird (7am) on Tuesdays, and Happy Hour (5:15pm) on Thursdays

  • Location: South Portland

  • Cost: $100

Week-by-Week Progression:

 Week One: Toes - Introduction to the process, breath exploration, and understanding the concept of the window of tolerance.

Week Two: Ankles - Exploring the physiological aspects of cold water swimming, including the vascular system and pain receptors.

Week Three: Knees - Full engagement with the practice, focusing on confidence and understanding individual responses to cold water.

Week Four: All in! - Celebration and culmination of the 4-week journey, embracing the experience of becoming a cold water dipper.

The series aims to provide a supportive and educational experience for individuals interested in exploring cold water swimming. Participants are encouraged to join with friends or meet new people during the small group dip experiences.

For more information and to register for the series sign-up below!

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