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Our Sponsors

We LOVE holding space for this community and making the plans for us to all dip together! We are so grateful to these sponsors who support us to make all of our mermaid dreams come true.

Full Moon Sponsorship

Sponsor A Full Moon Dip!

This community is so FULL. Full of amazing folks who are creating, making, selling, leading, advocating, educating, showing up, and just doing the coolest things. We'd love to share YOUR work with the Two Maine Mermaids  community. In turn, you'd be majorly supporting our 2024 offerings and our mission to create community, spread joy, and connect with the elements!

Here's how it works:

Fill out the Sponsorship Form and enter a payment amount that feels comfortable for your business. We're offering sponsorships on a sliding scale starting at $150. Note in the form if you have a preferred Full Moon Dip you'd like to sponsor (for example, if you want to line up with a special event, launch or offering). If you do not specify we'll assign you a month!

After you have filled out the form we will add your logo, website, social links, and mission/tagline to this webpage (please allow 1-2 weeks). Your info will also be included in our email newsletter that reaches about 700 folks when we feature your assigned Full Moon Dip. 

We will also make a post on the Two Maine Mermaids Instagram page (audience over 2,000 folks) thanking you as a Full Moon Dip sponsor. The caption of the post will feature the info you submit on the form, so be thorough! 

And lastly, we will thank you during our welcome & safety talk on the beach at the Full Moon Dip. There are typically anywhere from 40-70 folks at the Full Moon Dips!

We would love for you to be our newest sponsor! Fill out the form below to get started...
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Thank you for becoming a Full Moon Dip Sponsor! We appreciate you!

Sponsorship Form

Thank you to our generous sponsors of our
4th Annual International Women's Day Celebration & Ocean Dip!

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