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We Were A Palace of Light

We love it when our community dips inspire your creative work! Check out this beautiful poem written by Sarah Paton about August's Blue Super Full Moon Dip.

💫 "we shine back the light that shines on us" 💫


We Were a Palace of Light

last night at sunset

i drove to the cove

and after silly dancing

i strode from the beach

into the sea

until i dove in

joining many others

like happy otters

we bobbed

on our backs

with buoyant grins

we passed to each other

the sky

was a pastel picture

in pink and blue

behind the clouds

it looked like pinterest

for a moment

i couldn't believe

how the buttery surface

of the water

was all dressed up

like the sky

what are the chances

they had the same dress

but then i remembered

that's how reflection works

we shine back the light

that shines on us

last night

it was shining and

we were

the light-filled

opulence of versailles

we were

the hall of mirrors

we were

a palace of light

bobbing there

laughing with our joy

just to be there

at sunset

bobbing in

our bathing suits

-Sarah Paton @drsarahpaton

Thank you, Sarah, for sharing your beautiful poem with our community.

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